White Album 2 09 [UTW]


Yea… I didn’t really like this episode at all. It was really slow, and I mean extremely slow. From watching this it was literally like 10 minutes of screen time for Setsuna and Kitahara just holding hands and emphasizing it to Touma. I mean, there were some struggles for Kitahara but it really was an extremely slow episode. The preparations for Setsuna’s birthday party and the second half of the episode was a little bit more exciting except the whole episode was just damned slow.

I really don’t like the relationship between Setsuna and Kitahara, I know I said it before that I liked it, but now I don’t. Especially now with this episode. Who knew that watching a couple get along could be so boring. I really hope that’s not how  real life works. I mean the relationship scenes were not cute at all, there was nothing to make your heart go tokidoki at all.

There’s this one insert song that I really enjoy, and it comes in at all the right moments in this anime, it’s the string version of the ending I tihnk, it sounds awesome. I really that insert song. On a completely different note, I think Touma should stop being such winer. Like just go out and say what you have to say, don’t just complain about it. Wake up, you lost, if you’re not going to fight then suck it up.

Episode Link http://utw.me/2013/12/01/white-album-2-09/
Episode Rating -1
Overall Rating 6/10



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