Golden Time 11 [Horriblesubs]



This episode was fairly relaxing as not too much really happened in this one. There really wasn’t too many exciting or dramatic parts in this one. The only thing that they really focused on is that part-time job Banri is looking for. I feel like this anime has started to lose it’s focus on the plot. The plot is kind of lost in between the love triangle. I don’t think they really focused too much on it anymore so that’s why the interest is starting to fade away. I think maybe that the drama might start to pick up in the next episode, atleast I hope so because the first half of this anime is almost over.

Maybe one aspect I want to say is that never lie or hide things from your overclingy girlfriend because they will come back to bite you. You can just instead tell her the truth and deal with her being upset rather than lying to her and have her being upset because you lied. Always tell the truth to your significant other boys and girls because lies will ALWAYS come back to bite you.

The whole costume party is pretty jokes, and of course Linda would be at the costume party. I was expecting oka-chan to be there after Yana-san said that he hoped he wouldn’t see her there, but I guess that didn’t happen. Instead we see Linda there, ahh my favourite character, except there wasn’t too much of it. Based on the preview though, I am hoping for some awesome development next episode, I really hope they don’t disappoint me like they have for the past couple episodes.

Still love this anime, just the quality went down a teensy-bit

Episode Link
Episode Rating -1
Overall Rating 8/10


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