Strike the Blood Dropped


I have tried so hard to atleast make it to the end of the season with this show and I really can’t do it. The plot is just too unbearable for me to handle this show and with that I will just flat out drop it here. I know there are tonnes of people who love strike the blood and have clicked on my pictures and such but I am going to have to stop the blogs now before I die of boredom

Strike the blood with it’s confusing plots, fanservice, and sub-par romance will be dropped off my list of things to watch and blog. I hope everyone who follows this show continues to enjoy it and see it in a completely different light than I. If you agree with me, hurray! If you don’t… to each their own tastes

Art 7/10

Art was just average, nothing crazy nothing too flashy and not enough for me to continue watching it for just the art

Sound 6/10

The Openings and ED’s were not memorable in any way. I remember the opening kind of, and I remember me not taking too much of a liking to it.

Plot 2/10

Confusing as hell. I don’t even know where to begin. Every episode they introduce someone knew and it’s as if the last episode had almost no relevance to it. I think by episode 3 I realized that this anime was just going to be aweful. Having the main character die and then come back right away is just stupid. It’s not even a good cliffhanger to start, it was predictable and bad. Then the rest of the story line just got worse.

Character Development 2/10

There is no character development. No backstory, no interesting romantic development. We don’t see where the people are coming from, the only thing that may have been good would be yukino’s back story except it’s not really anything great..

My final comments about this show is that it was just too confusing to watch. All the boobs and action in the world, except the story was really bad. I don’t want to watch boobs and action, if I wanted that I would just watch highschool DxD. That being said, if you guys saw something in this show that I didn’t, please go ahead and point it out. I think in most of my posts I was utterly confused and I don’t remember ever having liked an episode.

Overall Rating 4/10


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