Hot this Season: Fall 2013

With the lack of quality anime that the summer brought over the fall did not disappoint our expectations what-so-ever. As the season draws to a close we can hi-light the good from the bad and really draw out which Anime’s stood out from the rest. There were quite a few this season as this one was a fruitful season indeed. And here it is, in no particular order, the Hot picks of Fall 2013.

Monogatari Second Season

This was left over from the Summer Season but will be completed in this fall. The Monogatari Series has been a roller-coaster ride for many people. For me especially the Monogatari series has never been a strong point in my anime but I decided to continue to follow it. Of course with all the hype that this anime brings, I can tell you that it’s quality has risen up by numerous of times from it’s original counterpart and nisemonogatari. Monogatari Second Season is a collection of stories from the light novels and covers a lot of its material. The difference between these episodes and the original Bakemonogatari is the plot and character content.

Not only did they bring back all the original characters to the story but it added so much more depth than the original. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching almost every single episode as it created an epic story line to the plot. With each of these stories coming to a close, it’s almost a shame to see this anime starting to end. Without a doubt in my mind, the monogatari franchise will continue into its final season with of course all of its hype. The second season monogatari series lived up to expectations of fans and added on more. If you stopped watching this series because of Nisemonogatari I beg of you to re-pick up the anime as it gets SO MUCH BETTER.


Diamond no Ace

As a baseball fanatic I can tell you that you can stop searching for a new Baseball anime as this one brings it all to the table. Diamond no Ace focuses on a highschool student who strives to become the Ace of the mound. The anime itself has a slow start to it, but once it picks up I can assure you that you will enjoy the anime to it’s fullest. I really enjoyed watching each episode unfold. Of course like most Shounen Anime’s the pacing of this anime is quite slow. If you do not enjoy slow paced anime’s this one is not for you.

However, if you wait and are patient then you will be rewarded with some awesome scenes. There are pretty hyped up moments in this anime and emotional content as well. Diamond no Ace is and will turn out to be one of the better baseball anime’s out there. That being said I have not seen any other baseball anime’s to compare with but I like this one already. With no end in sight, this anime will turn out to be one of those long standing anime’s. I hope this will become a flagship for future baseball anime’s and I’m sure I will enjoy the future episodes of this anime.


Kyoukai no Kanata

This original concept of anime was out to capture a lot of attention from lots of people and it really did quite a good job. With it’s slice of life strange concept it really did make for a good pick this season. The twists, comedy, romance, action was all balanced out and rounded off well for this anime. The animations and fight scenes will leave you in awe while the jokes and romance will also leave a bit of a heart scar.

The music in this anime was not disappointing either. Chihara Minori had a couple of songs in this anime and they were spectacular. I hope that you guys give this one a shot as it is quite the original concept.


Magi The kingdom of magic

This is the second installment of the magi series and it looks like it will continue into the next season. I hope this anime turns out to be a long running anime like naruto as it’s concept is great. If you guys watched the first season of this and liked it then the second season will not disappoint. As most shounen anime’s go, this one is very much suspenseful and has great action into it.

So far with the whole splitting of our young team the action in the magic school and the coliseum has brought vibrant action scenes and of course hard working ethics to the forefront. I can say for sure that this was definitely hot this season and will continue to be hot in the upcoming seasons.


Log Horizon

With all of the hype from SAO brought unto the anime MMORPG world this one had a lot of expectations thrown onto the shoulders of Log Horizon. Of course with all the expectations came a lot of viewers. This threw out SAO’s concept of the MMORPG genre and gave it a completely different aspect. While SAO focused on romance, completion of the game, and maybe a bit of the side stories, and a tonne of action; Log Horizon focuses on really living inside of the game itself.

This new twist brought into the anime really created a high dynamic of creativity for the writer of this anime to create an awesome world. From the setting to the plot the anime brings high suspense and even a level of mystery to the anime. Much different from your usual fight-kill anime’s and almost more similar to those tactical anime’s instead. Log Horizon really creates a new sense of belonging in the Fall and I hope it only gets better into the Winter.


Kill la Kill

Quirky strange exciting ethnic plot driven anime. If you are looking for a unique anime, then this one is the one to watch. This is a parody anime that brings a lot of seriousness and comedy to the forefront. I don’t think I can explain the anime in a different way and a more confusing way but this is how it is. Kill la Kill is an amazing choice to watch this season and if you watch it I assure you it won’t disappoint.

There isn’t much more to say about this anime. If you liked Guuren Laagen you’ll probably like this one because it was made from the same writers. That being said though I hated guuren laagen. (I know, everyone loves this anime but me.) But I still thoroughly enjoyed this anime.


Golden Time

Finally if you are a RomCom lover like me then you will have to watch this anime. This one was personally my favourite but I know that a lot of people liked the others more. I love Romantic Comedies and this one was fairly well done. There were a tonne of cliffhangers and a teensy bit cheesy and to be honest the latter end of the season was worse than the start. But the dynamics of this anime are pretty awesome.

Linda is by far my favourite character in this anime so far. Kaga Koko is cute, but not the right match in my opinion. Which is why this anime creates so many openings and dynamics. Sometimes the episodes are a little slow but the anime itself is quite good.


WOW. That was more than I thought. But hey, this season turned out to be pretty good. I was kinda disappointed with some of the ones I picked up, but then again I think that this season turned out very well. Winter is coming and it has big expectations to fill with the end of this season.


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