Log Horizon 11 [Horriblesubs]


Hmm, this episode was fairly slow paced as it was really just introducing the issues going on with the People of the Land and the things going on with the “training camp”. I think they spent a bit too much time on explaining things and really set up this beach episode to be not very interesting. That being said though this anime does this a lot to make future episodes that much better. The climactic points in this anime happen because of all the set-up that occurs.

This wasn’t a bad episode it just wasn’t an interesting one. However, there were different things that occurred. We finally have the introduction of the dungeon. Not only that, but next episode we get to see what is going on with the People of the Land. They keep using big words like WAR. I’m not actually sure they will get to that point but who knows. I also like the fact that the gamers themselves have no idea how to properly play this new game. Which means there are limitless possibilities for the writers of this anime to get creative. Excited.

Oh hurry up and kiss already. That’s right I’m talking about Shiroe and Akatsuki. I love subtle love relationships like this. It’s not like they are pouring out love from their eyes and crap but it’s subtly done well. It kind of reminds me of CCS and how that relationship was. Superwell done. Each episode just egged on the hidden love they had for each other.

I’m excited to see dungeons next episode and excited to see more of Shiroe’s brain unfolding. Looking forward to it.

Episode Link http://horriblesubs.info/
Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 8/10



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