Steins;Gate: Fuka Ryouiki no Déjà vu [WhyNot]


Wow what a masterpiece this was, what a follow up to the anime, and what a way to live up to the expectations of steins;gate. Really, when you think of Steins;gate you think, there is no possible way for them to make a sequel out of this. Somehow, they managed to do just that and they didn’t utterly crash and burn either. 

I have been waiting months and months for this movie to come out on blu-ray. I have been waiting so long as soon as I heard the movie was going to be out in theaters I was so excited but I knew the wait was going to be treacherous. Here we are in the Christmas season as the blu-ray discs finally get released I am so happy to say that this really surpassed all expectations I had for this movie.

Let’s start out by talking about the direction of the movie. I really liked the way they took this. They took an original and new idea that they had about Steiner’s gate and applied it to the movie. They didn’t just take something out of the anime and play with it, they went with a new idea and ran with it. They didn’t OVERUSE the idea of time-leaps and they didn’t kill anytime by wasting it. They did just enough to recall what happened in the anime, give us the setting, and then deploy the main issue with plot. Excellent.

I think the whole reason why I loved this movie was just because it was focused so much on the romantic side. I mean, who doesn’t love watching クリス (kurisu) just fight so much for Okarin. It’s so emotional and so well done that I can’t say this wasn’t a masterpiece for me, personally. I may have overrated it, but who cares, this was really well done and credits to steins;gate makers for making a great sequel.

Sound 7.5/10

The original soundtrack is back, brings back a lot of nostalgic moments within your brain, and they also had the original band do the opening which I really enjoyed. I think that was a nice fluff element added to the anime and really is essential for sequel anime’s to have a good artist return to debut another song. 

Art/Animation 7/10

Stayed true to it’s original animation. Again nothing flashy but very clean. I have to say that a lot of anime’s miss out on the clean looking animations and the clean cut look. I like things that are well polished and well done.

Story 9/10 

I don’t think there’s such a thing as a perfect story in this world because that’s very subjective. But this one comes very close to the sense of the word. I don’t want to spoil to much for those who want to see it. But there are amazing moments in this that just don’t go away. I have to say the original plot worked well with a sequel for steins;gate. It was good because they didn’t over-use the gimmicks that was placed within the original anime and it was just the perfect sequel in my opinion.

Character Development 10/10

Wow. I was very emotional watching this anime. I got emotional with the characters and I got emotional in my own heart. The pains and feels are strong in this one. I can’t believe how much I was captivated into the characters. I really love how they milked the relationship between Okabe and Kurisu. I think it was quite a beautiful thing. And the ending was so good. That last line, augh, my heart is dying for more. I love romances, and I love strange plots and characters and well, this was very touching to watch. 

Overall I rated this a 10/10. Probably too high to be honest, but it was that good. It really just grabbed all my heart strings. I haven’t felt this excited for an anime in a long time and I haven’t felt like giving out a 10 in a long time either. I have to say that romances just win my heart a bit too easily. Well, romances done well. With that I think we have to say Sayonara to the Steins;gate franchise. It was a really good run, and I think that they ended it off beautifully.




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