Kill la Kill 11 [Underwater]



This episode was split into two different parts so let’s start with the first half. They were finishing up the fight with the Music club president and I have to say I enjoyed it a lot. Being a music major you really get excited when you see someone else appreciate something you love. For example, the Beethoven’s 5th coming out in this episode make me go YEAHH BEETHOVEN! I almost was torn when they were fighting. To be honest, I kinda was rooting for Beethoven to win, but of course that’s just not going to happen. lol. I had to come back to reality and realize that of course Matoi Ryuuko was going to win.

Who is this mysterious girl who comes out of nowhere and frightens even Lady satsuuki. Hm, I wonder what significance she plays into the anime. Of course we find out at the end of the episode who this girl kind of is, but I want to know more. Just the fact that she has basically enraged Ryuuko is interesting. I want to see where they take this new information. I also wonder why she is so OP. her finger nails have the power to strip the will to fight right out of the cloth. Interesting.

That being said though, Kill la Kill is hopefully ending this first arc in the next episode or the episode after. We shall see how good of an ending it will be and it will be interesting to see where they take the next arc. I was kind of getting bored of seeing the transformation of senketsu over and over again. I think they might take the arc over to stopping senketsu from becoming to powerful or whatever the deal is with that random red bullet.

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Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 7/10


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