Christmas is Approaching!

With exams and school finally over I think it’s time we reflect on the Christmas Anime Episodes. So I have compiled a list of Christmas Anime Episodes. A lot of them were good, some of them not so good, but I’ll recommend which ones are good and worth watching for sure. But first the list.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun episode 10

Toradora episode 19

Sakurasou Episode 14

K-On episode 7

Sword art Online episode 3

Bokura ga Ita Episode 26

Clannad episode 9

Chuunibyou OVA

Suzumiya Haruhi Movie

Nodame Cantabile Paris Lesson 5

Kimi ni Todoke Episode 22

Sakamichi no apollon Episode 4

Kimi to Boku 2 Episode 3

Ore no Imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai Season 2 Episode 14


These are just the ones I’ve seen so far. I’m sure there are a LOT more Christmas Based episodes. But you guys can check these ones out for sure. I’ll rate my top 3 Christmas episodes.

3. Suzumiya haruhi Movie

I think this one is a great one. We get a lot of nostalgia for watching the Haruhi series and we also get to see the christmas spirit!


2. Bokura Ga Ita.

If you guys have seen this show, this is probably the best one to watch. This show had a bunch of emotional climaxes and what a better way to end a show than on Christmas.


1. Toradora

Well, of course this one wins. This is why the show was so good. This christmas episode had all the christmas spirit in it as well as just tonnes of emotional climaxes in christmas.

toradora christmas

Honourable mentions: OreImo, Sakurasou

These two didn’t quite make the cut, I loved Sakurasou christmas episode. It was almost depressing to be honest. The OreImo is there for those OreImo fans. I didn’t particularly think it was the best one out there, but it was okay. A little cheesy to be honest.

I’m sure I missed a lot of Christmas Episodes, I’ll edit the list if I find anymore. Comment and let me know if I’m missing anything! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


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