Log Horizon 12 [HorribleSubs]


Well, this episode wasn’t as epic as I thought it was going to be. But then again, Log Horizon isn’t about the epic-ness it’s all about the set-up and execution. So I guess there wasn’t too much to expect in the first place. This episode really wasn’t too exciting, they just continued to play around with the people of the land. I really want to know what really is going on. I hope they just pace it a bit faster. I think their pacing is similar to that of a long running anime and unfortunately this anime is only 20 something episodes. I hope have extra seasons because I honestly don’t think its enough to encompass everything that this show has to offer.

Enough about the pacing, lets talk about how annoying Rundel Haus Code is…. I felt like those kids who were face palming themselves the whole time. I hate characters like that and it just really is quite annoying. They try to do this cheap and over-used “not listening” trick in the anime and it really doesn’t appeal to the audience. Watch, next episode Serara will step up to the game and lead the party… oooo…. (note the copious amounts of sarcasm)

aww, akatsuki’s a little jealous ahahah. And she was mistaken for a kid, lol. She’s such a great character to have in the show. Always good to have at least one character in the show where you can go… “Awwww” Well anyways, I’m sure this was just a set-up for better episodes in the future. Other than that, there’s not that much time left for christmas! If you haven’t yet, check out my Christmas post and watch some of those anime’s for the Christmas season!

Episode Link http://horriblesubs.info/
Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 8/10


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