Mushishi tokubetsu-hen hihamukage / Mushishi reboot April


Well, I am so lucky to have watched Mushishi recently. I literally was wondering what I should’ve watched around the end of November and I ended up watching the masterpiece that was mushishi. I didn’t know at the time that there was going to be a 1-hour special on the show and I certainly did not expect for me to enjoy it as much as I did.

Mushishi is an old anime that aired in 2005 – 2006 and it was definitely a prized gem for it’s time. I don’t think the quality of the anime suffers because of it’s age and I find it quite fascinating that an animation was done that good back in the day. So if you have not seen the original mushishi I would most definitely recommend checking it out.

So the special was really good. At first I thought it was strange that they were making a single episode for an anime that came out 7-8 years ago. I think they did a great job of capturing exactly what the essence of the original mushishi was about. I am pretty happy that the original voice actor for Ginko is the same and am glad nothing has really changed from the anime. I really enjoyed the story and of course all the nostalgia that came from watching it. Since the original anime came out such a long time ago, I would suggest revisiting the anime before watching this special. They have a lot of easter-eggs for the people who have seen the series and have remembered it in it’s entirety. They don’t really re-cap anything and they assume the watcher remembers most of the details in the anime.

Of course, each episode of mushishi itself is somewhat disconnected from the next but they have maybe a strand of connection which watchers will enjoy if they remember watching the anime. That being said, the anime is fairly lengthy at 26 episodes but it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it. The special itself has great moral value which is in-line with the original anime content, and I am very glad that the quality didn’t drop. The only thing I have to say which might affect the rating was that the story in itself wasn’t as strong or creative as other episodes have been so it didn’t give off anything extra which is what I was looking for.

The best news for this is that Mushishi is to get rebooted for the spring season 2014. YES! I am looking forward to spring THAT MUCH MORE! Not only is fairy tail getting rebooted but also mushishi? Spring is the season that just keeps on givin’. I hope that everyone gives mushi-shi a shot as it was quite wonderful and I am looking forward to the creativity and excitement that will be given this spring

Episode Link
Episode Rating 8/10


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