Sword Art Online Extra Special! [Horriblesubs]


Wow, it’s good to be back home and watching anime again! I have to say I like vacations but i also like the business of school and such. I’m going to be very busy next term but I know that I will have lots of exciting anime to watch and comment on. Let’s get back to it!

This was a re-cap special with some new animations included. It was nice to watch, I think it would have been nicer to watch if I didn’t recently re-watch SAO. It highlighted most of the good points in the anime. It felt a bit dragged on though as it got through basically a whole hour of recap and maybe a couple seconds of new animation. The reward though was a short OVA at the end of the episode.

The OVA in itself was just nice to have. It was nice to see everyone interacting again and the return of most of the major characters. I have to say though, asuna looks terrible in blue hair. So bad looking, but the rest of the OVA was just like a standard OVA. not really much of a story and just for those super SAO fans.

Of course there always has to be a beach scene in an OVA. I don’t know why they always include a beach scene. Nvm, I know whyy, but it’s really unnecessary. But whatever, it was what it was.

I think the most important high-light of the whole thing was that there is going to be an SAO 2. I think everyone knew that there was going to be an SAO 2 and personally I am really excited for it. Apparently not too much Asuna in the new series, but that’s okay! I trust in the writers to make it a good series. Apparently the new character Sinon is going to be good so I am looking forward to some awesome anime in the new year!

Now I am going to comment for all those haters out there. I keep reading comments and comments of how people are complaining that there is an SAO 2. First of all, STFU. You don’t need to watch it if you don’t want to. Why are you even commenting that you hate the series in the first place. I know that there’s a lot of hype for it and maybe you didn’t enjoy the first season of SAO. Well let me tell you, there are PLENTY of bad anime’s that get second seasons and I don’t hear as much bad rep for it. Plus, you don’t even have to watch it. So why are you even complaining?!

Second, I know people are entitled to their opinions, okay fine, that’s fair. But don’t ruin the experience for everyone who does like SAO. Some people like some anime’s some people don’t. Don’t go ruining the experience for those who do by calling it a bad anime, people have their own opinions and are entitled to LIKE or DISLIKE. So this goes both ways. You don’t have to like a certain anime and you can be vocal about it, but don’t go bashing other people who like it. Be respectful! When I drop an anime, I know for a fact that other people liked it WAY more than me, and because of that I think it was bad but others may have enjoyed it a lot. Be open to other peoples opinons!

Wow, I ranted QUITE a bit. But I feel as a blogger this needed to be done. People need to grow up on the forums.

SAO Special Rating 7/10
Episode Link http://horriblesubs.info/

LOOKING FORWARD TO PHANTUM BULLET!! If you haven’t checked out the PV here it is. http://www.swordart-online.net/phantom/#!/


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