Log Horizon 14


Just saying, I wear glasses, and I touch my glasses like that ALL THE TIME!

Ah, the typical set-up for Log Horizon, it means more epic-ness to come. The story just keeps getting thicker and thicker and more complicated and more dynamics and oh my goodness my head just might explode from thinking about everything. First of all, we just had the addition of creating new things by hand, and now we learn about the memory wipes and about the apocalypse. Jeez, they need to slow down and just use it all on the anime.

When I was watching the breakdown of the 8-types of magic (I think it was 8, don’t quote me) I basically ignored it all and went straight to basically two types. Suck, and dont suck. LOL. well it was pretty self-explanatory that part anyways. I’m looking forward to what the world type of magic means for this anime and this is actually turning out to be a bit more deeper of an anime than I thought it would be.

Also, finally the dungeon group moves in and minori is finally going to stop being silent and she is going to speak her mind. I actually find this super annoying, as I mentioned in earlier posts, but this is finally getting resolved and I want to see some good action scenes coming up.

I Want more Akatsuki! She is too cute to not show more of on the screen. More shiroe and Akatsuki together! more romance! okay, maybe don’t force it. Actually, the pace they’re doing it at is nice. I hope they keep it up!

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 8/10


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