Noragami 01


So, I came across this one randomly as I was just searching up what to watch on anime-avenue and just to see what has been released. Since I was so bored, I just decided to watch Noragami and see if it’s something I wanted to follow or even blog about. Well since I’m blogging about it, it must have piqued my interest just a bit.

I have to say the start is very strong! I loved this episode it was great! There was some comedy, some mystery and some good characters in it. You basically fall in love with the characters right away. That’s pretty much a very important part of anime and even story telling is that you have to like the characters from the get-go. Well, it’s good the characters are cute and funny and they interact with each other in a playful way.

I WANT ROMANCE! I don’t know how much I stress how much I love romance, but these two main characters have to lock-in somehow. It’s just screaming I LOVE YOU! but they somehow have to get over this whole I’m a god and your a half thing? I dont even know. I dont even know if there’s going to be romance. NO SPOILERS PLX MANGA READERS!

I love the concept. The whole idea of a “god” coming down and really not having his own shrine or anything hahah it’s funny. It kind of reminds me of the monogatari series but obviously on a completely different wavelength.

At first glance, this anime is crisp. It’s got romantic potential, it’s got an original idea, comedic value, action oriented scenes, mystery, and to top it off the animation is not too shabby. I think this is a good kick to the winter season. Here’s hoping the rest of winter is just as good or better than this one!

Episode Rating +8
Overall Rating 8/10

P.S. Since when did Horriblesubs HARD SUB AN ANIME?! Is it just me or did they HARD SUB this first episode!? I hope this doesn’t continue or I am going to have to switch subs halfway through. In order to take the best picture for the episode I turn the subs off to take the picture. BUT I CANT EVEN DO THAT?! Why horriblesubs why!? I hope it’s only for one episode, and hopefully it’s because they messed up or something



    1. I had already written this review up before I commented on your blog hahah, I just didn’t post it yet. Enjoy it! Also, if you’re going with HS let me know if it’s hardsubbed for you too.

  1. It could still be a couple different kinds of show, but with a god who breaks curses for 5 yen and a girl who can roundhouse a demon frog, it doesn’t even need a plot to be fun. I hadn’t even seen a pv for this one, but I’ve got high hopes for it.

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