Outbreak Company 10


Don’t tell me you don’t make this face sometimes

I’m a little upset. I went to the Anime-koi website only to find that all projects they have previously done were taken down. Because of that, my links are useless now. So upset. I decided before school restarts and before I start blogging about the new season that I at least finish off some of the old lingering ones that I haven’t watched and blogged about so here it is!

Another typical non-sense episode about really nothing. But that being said, Outbreak Company stays true to it’s die hard fans of all the ecchi it provides. For myself, I’ll pass on that stuff but I found this episode bearable in the least. I guess that’s what I get for trying something new that I didn’t really know if I would enjoy or not.

I mean the whole episode/ the whole series is just cute scenes of cute looking characters. I wish they did a bit more with the characters or at least try to make EVERY episode funny. They made a couple very well and I liked the start of the anime, but now it’s just getting more dull. Plus, Petraruca and the whole lolicon thing is getting even MORE out of hand now. Japans Cultures and anime never ceases to amaze me

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating  6/10


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