Outbreak Company 11


This was probably the best episode so far in the whole series. Why? because it finally revealed the plot to us. Here I am ranting every single episode on where the heck the plot is and here it is! This it! The whole reason why shinichi is here and the whole reason why the otaku culture has invaded the random world! And here I thought it was just an eye-grab for those hard core otaku’s

Well, the twist was good but it came so late in the anime. This is the second last episode!? Why not have it a bit earlier and make it more interesting throughout the whole anime. I mean, this one episode was good but if the whole series matched the quality of this episode it would have been such a better series! LIKE WHY!

I really hope shinichi and miseru (I gave up trying to spell her name and just went with the romaji spelling of it) kiss. or do something. confess!?? I don’t know. After watching 11 episodes of them being so close to each other and not doing something with that relationship is almost a waste.

Also, we finally find out why the heck this anime is called outbreak company. Like seriously, this twist could have come in maybe 5 episodes ago and it would have made the dynamic of this anime so much better. But, it is what it is as they say.

Episode Rating +2
however, the rest of the anime was not that good
Overall Rating 6/10


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