Outbreak Company 12 Finale


Wow, I don’t think I could be more happier than to finish blogging this anime. Lesson learned: Don’t blog about anime’s unless you REALLY THINK it’s worth blogging about. From day 1 I thought this was going to be filled with adventure and excitement and was I ever wrong about this. It was all just moe and dumb fantasy and really just for those guys who are looking for a dream come true. Not my kind of anime to be honest. The ending was just so sub-par.

Me and my friend were talking about this anime and how it would end. We had no idea since it really had no plot until literally the last two episodes. Again, if maybe they had a plot from the beginning it would have churned a much better result.

I gotta say the one thing I liked about this anime was probably how Shinichi managed to change the whole life-style of eldant to that similar to otaku culture. I guess they achieved the goal that he set out to do. It’s kind of strange to watch that, and realistically this anime is dumb in concept but it worked out?

To be fair to the anime, this was probably one of the better endings I’ve seen from anime’s. Even though this anime wasn’t that great, it still had a better ending than just a cliffhanger. It was a definite END. (Thank the Lord)

Art Animation 5/10
I don’t know about you guys but I download everything in 720p. This anime didn’t really utilize the 720p at all. I don’t know what it is but it doesn’t look nice. The art style seems old for such a recent anime. The coloring isn’t very vibrant and as a result makes the anime look almost dull. The animations really don’t have anything pleasant to talk about and the art really wasn’t there.

Sound 6/10
Uhm, the OP and ED were okay. I mean, I wouldn’t put them on my ipod at all really. They just sounded too childish and wasn’t very well done.  I do like cute sounding things and I have to say that a lot of J-music is cute sounding, but there is a difference between childish and cute and this wasn’t very well done. It’s acceptable for an anime but I don’t think I enjoyed it very much. Trust me when I say that I sit through EACH EPISODE the Opening and Ending to make sure I judge the sound correctly. If I don’t like it after the 12th time it’s being played, I probably don’t like it.

Plot 3/10
Oh my goodness this anime had such good potential at the beginning. Otaku’s everywhere were screaming YES THIS IS THE ANIME TO WATCH! Yet slowly but surely the story of the plot just got stupider and I know I couldn’t handle watching it much longer. The whole series was a wandering mess. Now I like shows sometimes where it doesn’t have a clear and distinct plot, or maybe it’s just your typical slice-of-life. But those have to have a good plot in each individual episode, or it has to be funny, or the characters are LIKEABLE to watch. This didn’t really have any of that going on. It was literally just MOE MOE MOE.

Character Development 5/10

Okay I’m going to be honest, the character development was probably the better half of the show. I mean every episode Shinichi builds character into each of the people he talks to. I don’t know how, or why, but somehow he uses Otaku-ness to spread joy into the people of Eldant and they are legitimately happy. However, I did not like a single character in this whole show. The characters were poorly designed. I think they needed to show more of miseru and just show more emotions. They gave her the “blush” everytime she interacted with Shinichi but they needed more! I wanted to know more about her past or maybe even just adding on the characters. Nothing they showed in this anime really made you fall in love with the characters.

Final Comments.

It’s finally over. I have to say I dreaded watching this ever since the quality dropped around episode 4? I don’t know why I continued watching this. Maybe because it was short. I tend to finish the bad short ones more just because I liked to say I DID IT! I hope you guys enjoyed this series. And if you didn’t enjoy the series, then at least I sympathize with you.

Episode Rating +1
(okay to be fair this episode was good, series was bad. No way am I giving this series a 7/10) -2
Overall Rating 5/10



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