Pilot’s Love Song 01


Anyone ready for an adventure?! Because I know I am! Diving into this, I also had no idea what I was getting into. Never looked at a PV and just kinda downloaded it based off the name. So far it’s pretty adventurous. We dive into this new anime world and it looks like it’s all about discovering the worlds edge.

I don’ really know what’s going on in this anime so far. Right now just preliminary stuff about pilot class and finding the world’s edge. The whole flying island thing is also strange. They tried to describe it to the audience with some ancient story but I honestly didn’t catch any of it while I was watching. SO they’re on flying island and learning flight class. Great.

The characters are also pretty cool. I like the dynamic the “brother” and “sister” have with each other. Reminds me of oreimo. Hopefully not so much like oreimo though. There is already some love and romance in it. Which I’m not surprised because of the title of this anime. Wouldn’t it be nice if love was THAT convenient. Fly up in a plane and when you reach the clouds find a girl and instantly click and almost kiss. Geez, they make love look so easy.

There’s obviously going to be some political aspect to this anime, and I really think this one is going to turn out well. This anime at first glance: adventure, romance, fantasy. You should definitely give this one a try if you are feeling up to adventure romance anime.

Episode rating +7
Overall Rating 7/10

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I wonder how many anime’s I’ll end up watching if I keep watching random ones. I still have fall left-overs and I’ve picked up 2 random ones I wasn’t originally going to blog about. I’m probably just going to watch some and blog about the good ones. I’ve seen the first episode of sonico and I probably won’t blog about it since it’s mostly just a moe show. I guess we’ll see if I end up murdering myself with blogs this season. It’s going to be a busy 4 months!


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