Chuunibyou 2 01


Hey, Chuunibyou is back and life is good and well in the world. If anyone is wondering what chuunibyou is, it is basically the fantasies that someone has when they are younger. So having chuunibyou is kind of like an expression of those fantasies. I’m sure if you have been watching the series that you already knew that based on Rikka’s character and personality.

I don’t remember much of the animations from the first series but it seems like the quality has gone up a bit. I don’t exactly remember if it was always so nice to look at or not, but it definitely looks great. The fight scene animations and just general movements are fluid, smooth and look really good. I think they really did a good job with it.

Story wise, I already like it. It’s just your typical slice of life that chuunibyou always brought. I really love slices because they are just so relaxing to watch. You don’t have to get too intense and too emotional you just have to watch it and appreciate the high-school lives that they are going through. Everyone goes through highschool and it really brings back those days for me.

Everything considered this anime looks like a real solid pick for me. I can’t wait for the next episodes to come out.

Episode Rating +7
Overall Rating 7/10


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