GoldenTime 13


Wow so much to say about this episode, let’s first comment on how awesome it is to be watching this again. After two weeks of not having Golden Time I was really prepared for an extra awesome episode this week and I was not disappointed by Golden Time.

THOSE FIRST TWO MINUTES. The first two minutes were astoundingly good. For all of those Linda-senpai lovers out there I know your heart was saying “NO LINDA, I FEEL YOUR PAIN”. Okay maybe just my heart was telling me that, LOL. I can’t get over those two minutes at the start of the episode, it was just too good and also too sad. We all know there is no way that Linda is getting together with Banri, it’s just SOO SAD T_T~!

I have to comment on the new opening and ending for golden time. It’s just really well done. I am a fan of using orchestra and a mix of rock into the OP’s and ED’s of every anime and this was no let-down. I really can’t wait for these songs to be released in full on CD. Probably going to be another 5 weeks before that happens =(

This episode was hilarious. I don’t think I stopped laughing the whole time. At the same time I know I had to start getting used to Kaga-Koko being the real main character and not Linda. So I came prepared when I watched this episode. I still love linda and want her to be the main character but, oh well, such is life.

The whole cooking scene, I KNEW IT. As soon as she reacted to Banri going for her bag and when she brought out the light blocker, I KNEW she wasn’t going to cook! PHAH! It was pretty funny though. Really hilarious moment in the anime.

Overall, I’m really excited for the rest of Golden Time to happen and I really hope there’s more heart turning moments with Linda in them!

Episode Rating +1
Overall Rating 9/10


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