Goldentime 14


Oh man I get so pumped every week to watch Golden Time and the only bad part about the show is the part where the show ends. =/ I absolutely love this show, it just continues to bring on the perfect amount of slice and it doesn’t really get boring. The show really captures so much character and really makes you fall in love with the characters SO fast.

Let’s talk about chinami today. She really was the focus and pinnacle of the episode this week as we finally got to see her in such a long time. I was wondering where her and Yana’s relationship was going since the last time we talked about those two was in episode 8 I think. After that we didn’t really get any updates on the relationship. I guess we got an update, and it’s really sad for me to see.

*Spoiler Alert*

LINDA WHYY. I don’t like this pair or matching at all. EHHH! I feel like I’m Banri in that moment or Chinami in that moment where they saw the two of them together and I just went NOOOOO in my heart. That must have been such a bad moment for the both of them. We all know that Yana and Linda look terrible together, and it even hurts myself to see this relationship go down. Have you ever loved someone who you could have dated if you just had the timing right? or maybe loved someone if you just told them? Well, damn, this show is ALL ABOUT THIS CONCEPT! I LOVE IT! Why? Because so many people out there are like that. Relationships crumble or never happen because of poor timing, misunderstandings, never confessed. Well, this is the kind of pain you get, this is the kind of sorrow you feel when that happens and this is why I love Golden Time!

I really have no idea where they are taking this anime. It’s not your standard love story and it definitely isn’t your standard rom-com. I really want to know what happens because I genuinely don’t know what’s going to happen. I mean it’s really obvious that Kaga and Banri stay together but what happens to everyone else? What kind of drama occurs? When does the old Banri resurface? (I’m guessing the old banri will resurface in exactly 1 episode)

So many questions un-answered in this anime and I can’t wait til the next episode.

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 9/10


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