Nisekoi 01


Woops! LOOL, I completely forgot I hadn’t yet posted about Nisekoi yet, definitely the first episode was exciting and definitely pretty strange at the same time. I love it when the main girl character is so tsundere. This show just shouts “WATCH ME”. So far I got I hopes for this first episode. There’s already a possible love triangle and I am waiting for lots of comedy and drama to come from this show.

Talk about Claris. I love claris. I have so many of their singles on my Ipod and I always make sure to watch every anime that ClariS is in for sure. Click was just so typical of the ClariS sound and I’m so happy that the sisters have decided to make an Ending for this anime. I just can’t wait til they release the full thing! Ahhh, it’s the only issue with the first week of anime because I know the songs won’t even get released til MUCH later.

Let’s go back to talking about Nisekoi. Nisekoi means false love and I guess that’s really the whole premise of the show, Ichijou and kirisaki have to be pretend to be dating for 3 years. It’s almost like I’m watching Tora Dora. Kind of. Not really, but it’s the same kind of idea, these two are obviously going to fall in love and the promise 10 years ago, although sweet, is most likely not going to be the outcome of this story. Still, looking forward to the comedy and drama that this show will bring. I doubt it’ll have the same intimacy and depth as GoldenTime but you never know!

Episode Rating +7
Overall Rating 7/10


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