Pilot’s Love Song 02


This episode we continue to see the kind of world that these guys live in. Pilot school is in session and we get to see the characters in action a bit. There is a huge emphasis on the divide between classes here. The first class and second class citizens are looked down upon as trash and we have a common theme of discrimination here. I like these kinds of dynamics because it adds a lot more to the anime than just pure adventure. There is real issues between the people themselves and this adds another layer of interest.

How many people would kneel to a girl they just met and ask them to fly the world with them? If I was a female I would be squeeling, but since I’m a male I will take notes. LOL. Smooth Kal-el very smooth. But he shoved his sister to be with that jerk. hahahah she was like ehhhhhhhh?!. I really like where the show is going with this whole political side of things. I don’t know but apparently war is supposed to break out or something, so I have a feeling that things are going to take a turn for the worse for our characters. I guess we just have to wait to see how things pan out.

What is this business about being an abandoned prince? Does that mean the whole family is royalty or does this mean that he was adopted?! I want to know more! Throwing in character twists is exactly how you should hook in an audience. We always want to know more about a certain character, ALWAYS! ¬†Especially if its a main character or a main character we don’t know too much about.

Looking forward to the next episode, I really am feeling that this is going to be a solid anime, but nothing about it has spoken more than just around an average 7.

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 7/10


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