Jpop/Anime for school project?!



I dont claim to own this artwork

So I was in class today and the course I was enrolled in is called music and global context. This means that the music is about the world and basically anything about world music.So we are assigned a project that makes us research some local music bands and something about their culture.

Now Jpop isn’t a very local in the area I’m in but it is definitely an option for my project. Instead, for the first portion of it I decided to go with a generic religious topic.

My prof then proceeded to show us a video on some random thing about music except I noticed one thing, the video name was in japanese. The video itself wasn’t in japanese but the title name was. So after class I walked up to her and asked her if I could possibly research JPop.

She then went and said, “yeah there are plenty of aspects to Jpop you can research. You can talk about how Jpop is related to anime, and I watch anime.” Note that my teacher is like 40+ and white and I am so shocked at this moment to hear these words. She then proceeds and says “A new season of anime just came out and you could talk about the new OP’s and ED’s” WAIT WHAT?! I CAN TALK ABOUT THE NEW OP’s AND ED’s WELLL… “for your interview portion of the project maybe get one of your friends to talk about anime and music” HOLD ON THIS PROJECT TURNED FROM DUMP TO HEAVEN! She proceeded to give me the layout of how my project could go. SHE ALSO TALKED ABOUT MUSHISHI she was legitimately excited for APRIL 2014 TO COME. I WAS SHOCKED! anyways I just had to post about it.



A project FOR CREDIT about ClariS, Supercell, Nano, One Ok Rock, AKb48? okay sure



  1. That’s awesome. I’ve yet to find a prof that cool. That would be a really fun project though. Nano is my top favorite artist of 2013 and even so the rest are really good too! ι ‘εΌ΅γ£γŸοΌ

    1. Nano is awesome. I love her music and I love her voice. So far the project is going well, prof is really interested in my topic ^^


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