Nisekoi 02


False love indeed, lol. This episode was all about pulling off the gag by going out on a date. I think we all know it is extremely obvious that these two characters are going to fall in love, it’s just that this story is so strange it makes it really interesting. The fake date went pretty well, considering all things except for the fact that onodera kind of dropped into their act.

Kinda sucks, the girl you have a crush on and the girl you think has a crush on you is turned down because he already has a “girlfriend”. Ouch. That must have sucked. I can’t really say I’ve ever been in that situation, and I’m sure most of us can’t either. Poor ichijou kun. I hope that Onedera comes out with the truth soon. I feel like this situation is almost the same as Golden Time except less dramatic. Well, dramatic in different senses I guess.

Not too much left to say about this episode, other than the hand holding. I guess hand holding is really a staple for all the anime’s this week. Held hands in Pilot’s love song, held hands in Chuunibyou, held hands in this one too.

Also, one more thing to note is that “Click” by ClariS is not the ED it’s the OP. I guess they do that sometimes for the first episode and sometimes the last episode they like to switch it up.

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 7/10


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