Chuunibyou 2 03



Pardon my Japanese. LOL. I don’t know how that actually turns out, still learning the language but I think I did a pretty good job of expressing what I wanted to say. For all you non japanese reading folk I will now give you a brief translation.

This episode was really amazing. Rikka and Makoto were really cute in this episode. My heart couldn’t stop beating throughout the episode. It was a bit interesting. Satone (our new friend) has chuunibyou and she made rikka a little jealous of Satone. This episode was really good, interesting, and fun. I can’t wait to see the next episode.

I know, it might be a little rudimentary Japanese there but hey I’ve only started picking it up since september I would say that’s not too bad. NOW TO ELABORATE.

WOW, SO CUTE. I don’t know why, but seeing rikka so jealous just makes my heart heart a bit. SO CUTE. This whole anime is really cute. I mean, so far I haven’t stopped loving the couple. There’s obviously going to be a bit of love drama between these two character Rikka and Satone but we all know who the clear victor is.

LOL at the mahou shoujo stuff. I have to say I want some more Nibutani, a scene here and there is just not enough for my poor heart. WE NEED MORE. And thank God she is not with that new art and that she is still with her old art. Lord have mercy if we see her new art again.

I really enjoyed this episode, like I said before it was interesting and fun. That’s all chuunibyou is supposed to bring, not some elaborate plot, not some overarching evil plot. But just to let your imagination run wild.

Episode Rating +1
Overall Rating 8/10
PS. 日本人は私のblogをよみました。ありがとうございました。ごめんなさい。私の日本語はとてもわるいですね。


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