Pilot’s Love Song 03


Well, a pretty interesting episode about Kal-el’s past. I guess I won’t ruin it for everyone watching but I’ll just say that some of my guesses from last time were spot on! yes! love it when I get it right on the first try! Obviously there were things here and there where I missed a few details, like the whole revenge thing and whoever this Nina girl is (was it Nina? or Ninta? or something like that…. too lazy to check). Anyways a little spice to my anime taste buds is always good.

Watching this anime almost makes me wish I had a sister. I mean look how awesome they interact with each other. I want a sister to bump heads with. Not that I don’t love having an older brother because I love my brother. BRO IF YOURE READING THIS WHICH I DOUBT YOU WILL HAVE SOME BRO LOVE! Lol sorry. but anyways yeah a sister would be cool, IMOUTO, OTOUTO! IMOUTO! OTOUTO! classic. I guess we’ll find out later who actually is older lol.

Hmmm stuck in a plane in the middle of the ocean with a girl I have a crush on. Definitely doesn’t happen in your everyday life. I mean it could be worse, you could be stuck in a…. i don’t know. But the situation isn’t as bleak as it seems Kal-el take advantage of this alone time and get to know the girl! Like dang!

Anyways, looking forward to what political/adventurous stories this anime is going to bring. So far so good keep it up!

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 7/10



  1. As someone who grew up with a sister, I would trade her for your older brother any day.

    I really want to get into this show, but I have so much on my plate. It is hard to find time to fit in another show. Gaaaah.

    1. LOL, I don’t know if I would trade him, I kind of just wish I had a sister.

      This show is definitely a good one to pick up if you have a bit of extra space!

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