Cellphone Novels

takatsu move

Original Artwork by Takatsu

What the heck are cellphone novels?! Well, to be honest my friend created cellphone novels in North America. He really amazes at how much he has done and he is only 3 years older than me. To help support his growing phenomenon I will post a bit about these cellphone novels.

They are short 200-300 word pages that together create a story. Originally from Japan, the first cellphone novel created in Canada was created by my friend Takatsu. I’ll post a video here all about cellphone novels.

Takatsu is an independent Jpop rock artist who is based in Canada. After talking to him, I have never known anyone so passionate about the Japanese culture. I hope to help spread his passion and his inspiring cellphone novels. I HIGHLY recommend reading his cellphone novels. If you really enjoy reading light novels or stories I recommend you take the time to check out his cellphone novels.

Takatsu is currently working on his next album, and his new full prose story.

Check out one of his most recent works “Move” (I’m currently reading this one, I want it to be animated xD)
Takatsu on wordpress


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