Golden Time 15


Ohhh the dreaded beach episode. Always gotta have a beach episode/cultural festival episode or it’s not an anime. Hah, I really gotta say that these past two episodes were designed for you to start liking Kaga/Banri more and start pushing Linda out of the picture. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see Linda this episode or confront the issue that we’ve been having with Yana/Linda. In fact these past couple episodes almost feel as if they are filler episodes. I mean, they didn’t do much other than play around in the beach and have a bit of fun.

YOO, TOO MUCH SCHLONG IN THIS EPISODE. I realize that for girls seeing a lot of boobs can be a little too much for them sometimes but I was not mentally prepared to see too much schlong. Well, I guess that’s how girls feel when they see boobs bouncing around. To be honest, I could do without all the boobs bouncing around in most anime’s anyways. But man, definitely not a fan of the swimsuit.

Oh man, does this invisible Banri have the power to do all this stuff, and then ends up completely regretting it because of the car crash. By the way, don’t ever let a friend drive your car unless you are 100% positive they won’t crash. If you ever get into an accident when your friend is driving your car, you might not be insured for it, stupid idea. Take lessons from this anime and don’t let your friend drive your car.

Well, I’m hoping next week won’t be so much filler !

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 9/10


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