Noragami 03


Oh Yato, we all know you aren’t the god that you inspire to be. Which is really the whole point of this anime. We finally get to explore a bit about what a regalia really is. People who lost their lives unwillingly. It’s almost a bit sad to think, people are given a chance to live, people take it for granted that we live every day and that’s a good thing to have. You might not always have tomorrow and you might not always the moments you live in. Cherish each and every moment as if it were your last.

Sorry for being a bit depressing. This episode really called for that message though because that’s the message that they were trying to portray in this last episode. I guess this anime is continuing to progress at a slower rate than what I had hoped for. I think the relationship between hiyori and yato is also a lot less interesting than what I first hoped too. The characters were really like able at the first episode and I was hoping that they would stick with it.

Still, this anime reminds me a lot of kyoukai no kanata. I’m hoping for a bit more resolution than that anime.

Episode Rating -1
Overall Rating 7/10


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