Chuunibyou 2 04


An episode all about the infamous mori-summer?! I love it. Nibutani is probably the prettiest character and the most embarrassed from her own Chuunibyou past and of course they have to find some way to embarrass her more this episode. You just know that she was going to get backlash for having that ONEEE picture getting taken. I was laughing so hard when I saw that on the ppt. Hah so classic and so typical of Dekomori to do something like that. I mean, cmon Nibutani, you can’t trust your mortal enemy to do a speech for you for your election. I kind of feel bad for her but at the same time she totally had it coming. How many times has she fallen prey to the tears of Dekomori? One too many.

I was kind of disappointed that we didn’t get to see some more Rikka and Makoto. (I actually had to look up his name because they just call him the DARK FLAME MASTER). That being said, I guess it’s okay to have a little break from the relationship once in awhile because we really didn’t get to see too much of Nibutani from previous episodes anyways so I like the change of pace. I don’t know why but I like Chuunibyou in this season much more than I did last season. Much similar to K-on, I HATED the first season of K-on. And God forbid I watched the second season. For some reason I LOVED THE SECOND SEASON OF K-on. Maybe it’s just how slice animes are. Maybe I always like the second seasons of slices better. Who knows… but I am really enjoying this second season of Chuunibyou. I love the cute moments, the stupid moments, and the funny moments of this anime. I guess I just summed up Chuunibyou.

Looking forward to the next episode.

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 8/10


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