Log Horizon 18


I think I was waiting for this episode for  AWHILE. This episode finally sparked some interest into my eyes. Why was this episode so good compared to the rest? They finally do something in the show. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this episode compared to the others.

I really liked that moment when the adventurers all started cheering and uproaring. “Finally I’ve been waiting for something like this”. ME TOO. I mean, if you’re an adventurer in this game, NO EVENTS, NOTHING TO DO. And finally, a princess appears and says I NEED YOUR HELP. Well yeah, I’m doing nothing already, let’s go fight. That reaction to the speech was perfect. Yes, let’s go fight and see some action. I really hope they don’t mess these next couple episodes up like they did for that dungeon. Such a let down those dungeon episodes.

When did they build such a BIG STEAM BOAT. HOLY CRAP, is that even possible to build something so big so fast. Well I guess this IS an anime. And I really wanted them to emphasize the use of the steam boat before I guess this is it. I mean, if they can make a steamboat that fast maybe they’ll have their own airplanes and cars soon. Wouldn’t that be kinda crazy.

I wonder if they are ever going to try to get out of this world or stay in it. To me, it’s almost like the adventurers have grown accustom to living in this world. They don’t even care about going back, they just want to stay in this world. I wonder….

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 7/10


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