Nisekoi 04


Ahh, it’s good to be young huh. I really enjoyed this episode. It was hilarious, it was funny, it was really cute. I have to say I like this love triangle. It’s not really dramatic so much as it is cute. Onodera and Ichijou are really cute. But I can say the same towards Kirisaki and Ichijou as well. It’s not like Golden Time where Linda is super cute and Kaga is kinda shafted. The circle here could swing either way. But again, super obvious that Kirisaki is going to get together with Ichijou.

I think this anime did a real good job at portraying how Kirisaki falls in love with Ichijou. I mean, they really are a lovey-dovey couple when it all comes down to it. They flirt non-stop each episode. I mean, they might not think that, but they really are flirting every episode. So cute.

I really like kirisaki, I also like onodera. But I think Kirisaki is winning the edge on this one. This episode just portrayed so much of her and how cute she is. This anime’s setting is so strange and yet so unique that it’s so good. I really love the story line and the comedy. I just really appreciate going intoIchijou’s brain sometimes. Because that’s how guys in love think a lot of the time… “OHH HER SMELL IS SO NICE” LOL.

Episode Rating +1
Overall Rating 8/10


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