Leibster Award Nomination


Hmmm, So I can’t exactly accept this nomination. I am however very honoured to be nominated and would like to thank otakudaydreams for nominating me! I would love to accept this award except I have to give 11 nominations out to bloggers. I actually barely have enough time to update my own blog so I haven’t even looked around to find 11 bloggers like me. I know it’s really sad and depressing and almost selfish.

But, I won’t/can’t accept this award. HOWEVER I really want to answer the questions that Otaku Daydreams gave… Because they’re all about anime and you guys get to see a couple of my answers to these questions.

  1. What was the first anime you’ve watched?
    Geez, that’s a tough question…. I think the first anime I’ve ever watched is probably pokemon/digimon. Real old school. First one in Japanese is probably Naruto. And the first non-main stream anime (i.e. didn’t air in america) Nodame Cantabile
  2. If you’re stranded on an island, what are three things you want with you?
    I’m assuming I can’t have modes of transportation to get off the island because that would be pretty boring.

    First, I would like a decent place to sleep. I could probably build my own place to sleep but a place with electricity.
    Secondly, Infinite ammo and a gun. You need that stuff hunt!
    Third, Maaa GUITTAAARR. I could probably sing for the rest of my life on that island….
    If i could get a fourth. A magical woman to appear to spend the rest of my days with so I don’t go insane…

  3. How did you choose your blog title?
    Uh ohh… It’s a secret…. okay okay.. My initials CY + anime…. cyanime. Clever isn’t it?
  4. Do you prefer shounen or shoujo anime?

    You would think because I am male that I like shounen more… well, I don’t really care whether or not it’s shoujo or shounen. As long as they’re done well I think i’ll em. That being said I’ve watched a lot more shounen, but I really do like shoujo as well.

  5. What’s the worst decision you ever made?
    Hah, easy, dating my first girlfriend
  6. What’s your favourite anime opening song?
    THIS is a hard question. I cant answer this question properly. This season it’s probably Click. but OF ALL TIME? I don’t know…. Too hard. It’s too tough to pick just one…
  7. Is anime or manga better?
    I’m not much of a reader, and my mind can’t comprehend some of the drawings in manga. Manga has much better art work and probably deserves me liking it as much as anime….


    anime anime anime. I mean, it’s just awesome..

  8. What’s the worst anime you’ve watched?
    Hahah good question. Lot’s of bad ones out there. I think you can’t really pinpoint THE worst. But I have to say Devil Survior 2 was pretty bad… Black Rock SHooter. LOL
  9. Why did you decide to create a blog?
    I wanted to hide my otakuness…. Weird… But youre blogging about anime. Well, I wanted to stop posting anime comments on facebook, which my friends dont care about, and post anime comment to people who ACTUALLY CARE. YOU GUYS!
  10. What’s your favourite food?
    I dont have a specific favourite food, but japanese food is good. Chinese food is good too. I like steaks. steaks are good.
  11. What’s your favourite genre for anime?
    I love most genre’s for anime. I can’t say I have a favourite… Probably romcoms… maybe shounen… I think I’m leaning towards Romcoms…

    OYYY Otakudaydreams. Can you answer your own questions? I’m kinda curious xD




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