Golden Time 16


How have I not yet posted about one of my favourite shows?! Golden time this week was alright. I really miss linda…. I’m having linda withdrawels. Bring linda back. I actually was really tempted this week to find out if Linda was coming back to the show.. So I did a bit of digging around to look for the light novels. Thankfully I didn’t ruin the show for myself because the light novels aren’t translated. Lol.

The whole time I was shouting at my screen. BREAK UP! DO IT! I WANT LINDA! but that never happened. If you actually listen to what they say they both have fairly good points in their argument. Just saying girls, tell your boyfriend what you mean when you get angry at them. Don’t just say, “I’m mad at you, you should know why”. I’ll tell you what, unless you picked up a magician/mind-reader for a boyfriend they won’t know why you are mad.  Boys are concerned for the girls and want to be sorry for something they did wrong, give us a chance to understand why you are angry girls!

That being said, these two have the perfect fights and the perfect get back together moments. I may not like Kaga-san as much as Linda, but they do make a really good couple. Maybe if they didn’t spend so much time on how CUTE LINDA/BANRI look together I wouldn’t be so upset.

Watching goldentime really makes me want to pick-up Nana again. I realize now that nana IS the nana from nana and the other nana is nana from nana too. Soo.. Nana.

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 9/10


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