Ano Hana The Movie

I am lucky enough to live in an area where they have these showings of popular japanese anime on the big screens. I am so happy to have watched this movie before the blue-ray and I have to say it is worth the watch. I watched the anime maybe a year back and I remember it being pretty good. The recap movie is just perfect to watch if you have seen the anime but watched it awhile back. Don’t watch the movie if you haven’t seen the series because you will be a bit confused.


Luckily enough, me and my friends got an exclusive poster that only the first 25 people or so (I don’t actually know the cap) got. Poster itself is signed by the director of the movie, the character designer, and the script writer. I’m a little sad that it isn’t signed by any of the voice actors but I am appreciative that I even got a poster. It’s not a big poster but it is good enough for me. I’m not really complaining.

15 minutes before the screening, people who worked at the theatre come and tell us that 5 lucky fans will get some letters from the movie. It wasn’t trivia based but based on closest upcoming birthdays. My birthday was in august so that was out of the question. But one of my friends got the letter. AND one of my friends BROTHER Got another letter too. The letters contained the letters that Menma wrote to her friends in the movie. Pretty cool. I was hoping it would be a real letter but again, fairly cool that 2 people I know got the letters and there are only 5 letters.


The movie itself was really good. It was one of the better recaps. If I had to say which one I liked more it would be the movie. It showed us a lot of the emotions that went on in the anime and it also showed us a perspective from everyone. I really enjoyed watching he movie and it definitely worth the watch if you haven’t seen it yet. I don’t want to spoil too much of the movie itself, but I have to say that I really enjoyed all of the music that went on in the anime.

Sound 8/10
I don’t want to spoil the sound =P But I have to say it was good enough for me to like it and almost cry

Art/Animation 8/10
Art is obviously done in the same manner as the anime, but Naruko looked a lot better than she did in the anime for some reason. I liked the change.

Characters 8/10
I really liked the characters a lot more in the movie than I did in the actual anime. I don’t think I connected to them last time I watched it but this time I almost cried. Very sad anime and great characters. One of the voice actors is the same as asuna from SAO. =)

Plot 10/10
SO sad. So good. So emotional. I had to hold it in so the boys wouldn’t make fun of me. I was really moved by this anime and I really enjoyed it thoroughly. The whole experience itself was great and the movie is good

Overall Rating 9/10

I really enjoyed watching this movie. I enjoyed coming out to support J-culture in North America. The more support we give to these kinds of things the more we will get in the future. I really hope more Anime movies come out. Really happy I got some of the merchs and my friend is going to frame those letters hahah. Go watch anohana if you haven’t seen it. Definitely worth every penny.


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