Chuunibyou 2 05


The slice continues, but this time the focus shifts over to our very shafted napping friend. This episode was obviously a little bit more non-sense with no drama. I don’t mind that there is no drama in the show. I actually sometimes just like laughing and watching how cute relationships can be between people. There doesn’t need to be a heavy plot within this show because there’s a lot of random things going on. Reminds me a bit of how K-on is. Not a lot going on, a bunch of random things going on. But you get to see how the club reacts with each other.

I want a bit more Yuuta and Rikka. I really like how the interaction between Satone and Yuuta make Rikka super jealous. I think it’s the funniest thing. I loved when they tapped the nose and then she was like “Oh here you can have it” boop. Hahaha that was good.

I guess the whole point of the episode was that you don’t have to be doing something to enjoy someone’s presence. Just being there can make all the difference. This group of friends has reached a point in time where they really enjoy being together and they can just hang out together. Whether they are all sleeping, chuunibyou-ing, or doing random things, it’s always really fun to just watch them. I mean they are fun to watch interact with each other and I think that’s where the value of Chuunibyou really lies.

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 8/10


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