Golden Time 17


MMM. I get so excited after watching an episode of Golden time. Every single time I end up yelling at my screen or something. my housemates probably think I’m insane sometimes. This episode was really good, why? Because it marks the beginning of Banri and Linda being alone together and totally unrestricted to hang out together. OHH THIS IS GOOD. This means drama, I mean, all that time thinking about the past with your ex-crush, something has GOT to kick in. I am so excited to watch these next episodes because I’m almost positive we will get some sort of flashback to more Linda/Banri and of course I will be SO happy.

Another thing I was happy about this episode was the fact that my heart was racing the whole time Yana and Linda were alone together. That little clip may not have been very long, but we have ALL been waiting for that scene for a VERY long time. I think they showed us that like two episodes ago and they never resolved the issue. NOW WE KNOW. Sorry, that this has contained a lot of spoilers but I guess by now if you’re reading this I might as well spoil it even more. Thank God the whole Yana/Linda thing is ONE SIDED. SO HAPPY. You have no idea how badly I went YESHHHH.

I swear, every time Linda is on the screen good things happen. I just can’t wait to hear what she has to say every time she opens her mouth. It’s like new DRAMATIC words come spilling out of her mouth that create some sort of chemical reaction to my heart. My heart never stops beating wondering where this anime is going to go next. I’m really excited to see what happens next. I also want to see something go down between Yana and Banri now that Yana is starting to investigate a little. I’m just bursting with emotion right now I can hardly wait for the next episode.

Now I will comment on why this show is amazing for me but not amazing for other people. I find that this show touches on a lot of hot-topics that relationships go through. Heartbreak, pain, fights, arguments, misunderstandings(but thank God not a lot of misunderstandings), general hardships of a relationship. If you have ever been in a tough relationship, or maybe even close to a relationship but heartbroken then this anime REALLY speaks to you. I have been in Banri’s situations a lot (except the memory loss) and sometimes have come out of it in worse situations than he does. He seems to have the perfect answers to all the questions and perfect responses to Kaga whilst most guys won’t. That being said, if you haven’t been in a relationship or heart broken you will probably still like this anime. Probably think it is your average Rom/Drom/Com. But in reality, this anime is a pure masterpiece. If this doesn’t let me down by the end of the series it will become one of my all time favourites. FOR SURE

Episode Rating +1
Overall Rating 10 /10

I’m sorry, just not enough linda for me not to post more of linda. So here is a picture from episode 8.



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