Fairy Tail Character Designs



With the new studio doing the artwork we have Gray and Erza art designs released. I personally am super excited to see one of my favourite characters drawn so nicely. Looking forward to the new season of fairy tail come April 2014 and an end to the Grand Games Arc.

Erza is of course my favourite character from Fairy Tail. My favourite arc from the series is a tie between the magic games and S-rank arc. Worst arc is the filler arc which was the clock arc. I would put my fairy tail mark on the same shoulder that Erza has it on. If I had magic, I would want to be able to teleport everywhere!

Some Questions for you guys:

1. Who is your favourite Character?
2. What was your favourite arc in Fairy Tail
3. What was the worst arc in Fairy tail
4. If you were in Fairy Tail/Or another guild where would you put your mark?
5.  If you had magic, what would be your specialty?

Comment below!
You can already tell how excited I am to watch fairytail. Please spring come faster!


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