Golden Time 18


Wow, finally done with all my assignments and exams and such. I’m so relieved everything is over and that I can just talk about anime. Golden Time as you guys know is one of my favourites this season and finally we get to see more Banri and Linda. To be honest, not too much happened this episode which I was a bit disappointed but that being said it was a fairly hilarious episode. Not many people can say they’ve been in that super awkward situation like Koko has been.

I think the little things like seeing how Banri will react in the highschool was a big deal for Banri. I think it’s almost cute how Linda and Banri interact with each other. Here I thought, aw she’s holding Linda’s hand. I just died of second hand embarrassment when I saw the end result. Too fuunnny. I want more linda, more flashbacks, more past. Don’t just shove it in my face and then not show it to me. Ugh. I kinda wish I wasn’t following this anime and waited til it came out all the way through. I would have watched the whole series in less than a day for sure. Probably skipped class and life and eating for the end of the anime.

The end is drawing near. I wonder how they are going to develop this last quarter of the show. I hope they end up with more seasons but I doubt that will happen. I’m not sure how far the light novels go. In anycase, next episode should be a good one I’m hoping. I kind of want a little more drama.

Episode Rating -1
Overall Rating 9/10


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