Pilot’s Love Song 05


Yikes, I have a lot of blogs I need to catch up on so I’m just going to quickfire a lot of these entries. Hopefully if you guys are following me you will read them all because they won’t stay on the front page for very long.

This episode had a tonne of things happening all at the same time. At first I thought.. “Oh man another swimsuit episode” But it wasn’t that bad. Not nearly as focused on boobs as I thought it would be which is a positive side for me. They really pushed the plot more forward and revealed a bit more of Claire’s character. Not too sure where they are going to take this whole Claire, Kalel, backstory cover up to be honest but I hope they don’t mess it up.

No Ariel, you can’t like that white-haired jerk! Well, I guess since you are partners you can be nice to each other at the very least. I also found out last week that Ariel has the same voice actor as Kirino. What is up with Ayana Taketatsu taking all the “imouto” roles. Lol. I actually really like Ayana’s voice and normally can distinguish when her voice appears. But this time, I for some reason, didn’t think that Ariel was Ayana. Silly me.

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 7/10

Sorry again for the late posts. If you guys are wondering where Noragami is, well truth be told I haven’t been watching it. Not because it’s bad but for some reason I’m just not feeling watching Noragami… I might pick it up again over this week since I have a break but chances of that happening are 50/50.


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