Chuunibyou 2 06


Ah, we finally get the pinnacle of the episode back onto our favourite couple. Rikka and Yuuta are just awesome together, I don’t think I can stress that enough of how cute they are. Innocence just trying to find a way to break down love. Love is so abstract and varies for each and every one of us and yet some how we all think that kissing and sex come so naturally to everyone. For Rikka and Yuuta it’s soo much more than just a kiss and soo much more than just a sign of affection. It’s almost putting all their emotions into the unknown and putting all their feelings into expression.

I wish I had that kind of relationship with someone. There is just SOO much weight to their first kiss and it hasn’t even happened yet. I love it so much. It makes their first kiss have so much more power and influence and it means so much more. Too often in relationships we use kissing for pleasure and self satisfaction. Okay, enough of my ramblings on love an what-not.

This episode was great, super cute, and really just showed us more of the progression that is going on between the two of them. Super happy to have watched this episode and really excited for the next one. I might re-watch the first season to job my brain on what happened in the first season. I’m starting to forget some details.

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 8/10


One comment

  1. This is the episode that has made me once more believe in Chuunibyou’s story progression. I really hope that from this point we’ll get less and less fillers whit more and more actual plot!

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