Nisekoi 06


She comes out clean with the truth to her new found friends. Of course, I was hoping for some more drama towards this but then again, it wasn’t such a big deal to begin with. I mean now Onodera has nothing to worry about it. What is she going to do with this information? I guess we’ll just have to find out. Kirisaki as cute as she is still doesn’t know about her own feelings about Ichijou. They both are kind of stuck in a place where they know they have something but at the same time find it extremely awkward to like someone like that.

Ugh, are they going to wait until the last episode to sort out this pendant business? I kind of want Kirisaki and Ichijou’s relationship to go a bit faster seeing how this show is only 12 episodes. At the same time, I like the pace it’s going at just because it feels a lot more natural than rushing it. In reality, things wouldn’t move so fast anyways, and I also like how shy Kirisaki gets when she tries to be apologetic. I think it’s so cute.

JEEZ, that was so close. Onodera almost confessed. I think for sure they are going to do it soon. I wonder how he’s going to react and if he has any feelings for Kirisaki. Uh -oh kirisaki don’t lose the race now. Please don’t lose yet!

This is turning out to be a fairly generic romcom. I mean, it’s not bad but its nothing to be amazed at. The thing is though, I really like generic rom-coms so that doesn’t even matter to me. It doesn’t need to be unique to be good. Also, liking the fact that it’s not based on misunderstandings like most romcoms are based off of. So glad.

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 8/10


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