Golden Time 19


Uh oh, the opening scene. Does this mean that Old Banri is gone? I think so. I also think Banri and linda are also done for in this episode. I’ll tell you why in a moment but first let’s talk about how damn straight forward Yana is.

I would not be so straight forward with anyone like that, especially one of my best friends. “Are you hiding something from me?” Well, is it really any of your business in the first place? And what is going on with Oka-chan. I know you feel bad for Yana but again you are just way to straight forward and you don’t even know the situation that Banri and Linda are in. Just because they are close doesn’t mean he’s hiding it from Koko. I’m pretty sure that Koko knows that Linda and Banri were talking in fact he even said “I’ve been summoned to a super secret conversation” What is with Banri’s friends man. There is too much push and shove coming from Oka and Yana. I guess it is an issue in their eyes but that doesn’t mean you can just accuse someone without knowing what’s going on.

Next, Here is why I think that Banri and Linda are done for. They act to each other like best friends rather than lovers. To be honest, I have a best friend who is a girl who I would never date. I consider her my sister. That’s how I feel Banri and Linda are right now. They have past the point in their relationship where they can date and have been put in each others friend zone. To be honest, I really like this dynamic and it keeps the show realistic. I really hope Linda doesn’t fall for Yana though. He seems like a jerk to me. I wouldn’t want Yana and Linda to get together.

Episode Rating +/-
Overall Rating 9/10


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