Golden Time 22


Don’t worry guys I have yet to have forgotten about blogging. Just been swamped with work and I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t be able to blog as much… That being said, I’ll post out here every now and again. Probably won’t do every episode but just the good ones ^^

WOW. WAHH. THIS EPISODE WAS AMAZING. The best episode BY FAR of the show. I mean, I was practically crying with the Banri and Linda. There is so much to talk about this episode I don’t even know where to start.

I guess we can start where Koko is a complete douche bag. Yeah, I said it, she was a complete douche bag. I don’t like to say nasty things on my blog, but that was just HORRENDOUS. I was starting to really settle into the idea that “Oh… Koko is a really great match.. Wow, such a good couple…” Well after watching that opening scene at the university I have to say my heart will not even tug once if they get back together. SCREW THAT. GET OUT. YOU DON’T DESERVE BANRI. All high and mighty and acting like that, like seriously. I know she is probably breaking up with him for his own sake, but being a douche bag about it and over-reacting like that was a bit too harsh. I mean, he is FULLY IN LOVE WITH YOU KOKO. WAKE UP. But I digress, what was done in the last episode was done. Banri, I hope you get together with Linda.

LINDA! YOUR RESPONSE WAS 10/10. I have to say to the author of golden time. I love you. That was perfectly written. I can’t believe how good that was. Linda was holding back for maybe the better part of the year so that Banri can give his undying love to Koko. She loved Banri so much that she didn’t say anything and let her love show by letting him be happy in his own way. And now that they broke up. BOOM, SHE IS PISSED. And why you might ask? Because all that effort of holding back not saying anything and not doing anything and Banri just GIVES UP. Such an emotional part for me. I was like DAMN THIS SO GOOD. That whole time I was on the edge of my seat and then the ED hit. I can’t believe how short these episodes feel. Oh and when Linda was shouting out her feelings. I was going YES, YOU TELL HIM. YOU WAITED THIS LONG AND NOW IS THE MOMENT TO TELL HIM. PERFECT


10/10 FOR STORY!


btw… Koko is a freaking psychopath after this episode… LIKE SERIOUSLY…

10/10 MUSIC



I just want next week to happen already. please…. time…. next week. faster…

#teamlinda always and forever

hell banri, I’ll go out with Linda if you take Koko



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