GoldenTime Finale


Well, it’s over now, I don’t know how to react to the ending other than I was disappointed.

I mean, we all knew what was going to happen, but it’s not a secret how I wanted it to end either. I mean, Linda is too nice of a person. She could have easily fought, she could have fought and WON. I think if she tried to actually win over his heart it would have happened. But of course, author just decides that Koko is the winner and not a thought was given to Linda.

That’s too bad

It was a great ride overall, I think there were a lot of emotional points and a lot of good cliffhangers. There are a couple of issues that I had with this anime though.

One of them was that they basically spoiled the whole show by making the Opening and Endings based on the main character. There was literally no chance for Linda at all, not even in the mind, it was kind of a huge spoiler. The next issue I had is the fact that every cliffhanger had a fast resolve to it. It was too fast. It was as if there was no point to having the cliffhanger there at all. Literally the episode after the issue was resolved in less than 2 minutes. The anime could have been much better and more dramatic had it been properly done.

Last and final thing, was that I still have a sour taste in my mouth from episode 22. I cannot accept the fact that she created all that turmoil and treated Banri like that.

Final thoughts, I really love Linda’s Character, not cool how she falls in love with Yana. Yana and Linda don’t fit together to me. And it seems that she really didn’t try at all to get Banri. But other than that, this series was a good rollercoaster ride and I’m hoping that next season there will be more romance for me to follow.


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