Itazura na Kiss


I absolutely recommend this to all RomCom and shoujo lovers. This is a classic anime and it really gives such a good feel after watching the whole thing.

To give an overview, it’s about a high-school girl who is a classic clutz. She isn’t very good at anything and excels at nothing. She has a crush on the smartest and most talented guy in the school. He is a cold hearted person and really wants nothing to do with our heroine. The story is about how she goes about to get him to fall in love with her. I don’t want to give much more away, but definitely one that will warm your heart at the end of the whole series.

I think in general, this anime took very little risks, which I don’t mind. I’m easy to please in the sense that I don’t need some intricate plot to make it good. KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid). Simple, yet fun = good. I can’t say this was a masterpiece, but I did enjoy the subtleties that this anime brought.

The music is really good. The emotions that come from the opening and endings were really good, and they still stick in my head right now. In general, this anime is definitely not realistic in any sense, but it is nice to get away from all the drama of the world and just have a nice feel good anime sometimes. So if you’re feeling down or heartbroken and want to give this one a try, GO FOR IT! Itazura na Kiss is perfect for you!




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