Naruto Shippuuden 372


I don’t normally blog about naruto, but when I do, you know crazy stuff is happening in the anime. To be perfectly honest with you guys, I have not read past this point in the manga so I have no idea what is going to happen and I do not want to know, but right now, this episode was worth bringing my attention to. This review will contain spoilers and if you don’t like spoilers stop reading, and go watch the episode.


Minato turning into kyuubi form??! I was NOT expecting that. I am a huge fan of Minato. Especially when he uses his teleportation jutsu. Him showing up at all in this episode was a treat in itself, him turning into kyuubi mode was icing on the already perfect cake. It was so nice to watch. In general, Naruto is what I like to call a super anime. (A shounen that goes on forever) In these so-called super anime, generally only one exciting thing happens in the episode and then it stops there. However, this episode was jammed pack with excitement because Sasuke also appears in this episode. Now if you guys didn’t know I am totally shipping Sakura and Naruto, and that ship has probably sunk 50 times over already, so Sasuke’s anticipated return was bittersweet.

A lot of people struggle with Sasuke’s return to Konoha so I will lay it out for you guys. Sasuke’s original hate is towards his brother, then he finds out the truth about his brother and it points towards konoha, but then he discovers the truth about konoha and madara so now his hatred is pointed towards madara and rebuilding the village in a way that he sees fit. He wants to declare a Hokage war against Naruto and in the end it becomes a full circle. Naruto represents Senju clan. Sasuke represents the Uchiha. If you remember the talk about the uchiha and senju trying to coincide together in the village, he wants to make sure what happened to his clan never happens again. He never resented naruto nor his friends. I mean yes, his emotions seem a little unnatural, but I can work with it, it’s an anime were talking about here not some class A novel…

On a completely different topic, I like how I just realized that sakura naruto and sasuke were all taught by the three legendary sannins. I’m an idiot.

Signing off


Ps. Look for more updates. I am coming back babbyyyy


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