Mid Summer Blues 2014

The summer anime season of 2014 has never felt so good than at this moment. While the sun is shining and the birds are singing, I am inside working at my summer-job while sulking because I do not have the time to write about anime. That being said, I have watched so many GOOD anime this season and have been reading some of the more prolific anime bloggers on their opinions. I have to say, that seventh-style is just a little too harsh on the anime that they really dislike. Upon reading these blogs I said to myself, I must undo this injustice and bring back and revive my insignificant blog to better my emotions and hurt feelings of those from the seventh-style blogging community. And thus, I will begin my recommendations for this season.

Sword Art Online II


Among all the anime this season, this was definitely the most anticipated one for myself and many other viewers. Not only is it the most loved anime this season, it has gotten the most hate and heat from critics, bloggers, otaku and other people. I will start of by saying this, Anime is only as good as you want it to be. The wide popularity of this show has created a massive surge of people who ask… why? Why is this anime so widely liked, it is easy to answer, because it’s about VRMORPG’s. People quickly say “the plot is bad, character design is bad” and so on and so forth. However I want to point out right here and now I like where this anime is going.

The pacing of the second season is MUCH slower than the first season. This is not a bad thing, I think the first season of SAO went way too quickly, it was probably why it got so much hate in the first place. The animators decided to animate this novel much slower. Thus, we have a slower paced show, but good quality.

Spoiler alert, Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard by now that Kirito’s avatar looks like a girl in GGO. Now, he actually isn’t a girl, his avatar just looks like one. For all of you who are freaking out about Kirito being a girl or not being a girl, stop. Let’s take into perspective that the man actually looks nothing like a girl, and that he just as longer hair. Also, If I were making a character in an MMORPG, lets be honest, I would make some sexy chick.

Asuna’s role is greatly diminished in this season of Sword Art, however, did she really play a big role in Alfheim online? No I think not. Plus Sinon is a great addition to SAO. She has a good character design and she isn’t as shallow as some of the other people take her to be. Alot of people watching SAO get caught up with how the characters emotions react about a game…. well lets save that for another blog post, I have many more anime to post about….

All in all, Sword Art Online II Brings it’s A-game to the table, no disappointments so far, slow movement, but each episode is filled with anticipation and excitement. I am really looking forward to the future episodes of this show and already I am hoping for a third season. You can watch for a post from me every week without a doubt about this show.

Recommended for:

People who enjoyed the first SAO


Ao Haru Ride


The shoujo-romance for the season. It has a really good story and it is really refreshing to watch. It is about two people, a guy and a girl, who in elementary school really liked each other. They knew each other well, they were friends, they really embraced their time together. However, as time went on, they went to different middle schools, different towns and different places. Finally in Highschool they are re-united only to note that they no longer know each other, and that they are incredibly different people from who they used to be.

The anime is about how they slowly start to find those lingering feelings deep down inside, and how they piece together the emotions we call love. There’s a little bit of drama, a little bit of romance, and a little bit of our typical slice of life. It’s refreshing to watch something that is in the more normal spectrum of shoujo’s and romance. I like to think that I enjoy a wide variety of shoujo’s and I can say that this one will not disappoint you.

Recommended For:

People who like slice, romance, drama. This is your standard shoujo


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun


The Rom-com for the season. The plot of the story is nothing overwhelming but it is definitely a good show to watch. The plot is missing mostly because this is a parody of shoujo’s in general. I have to say the humour in this is done very well. The heroine Sakura, likes our manga artist Nozaki-kun. Seems like your typical rom-com right? Well, not really. I don’t want to spoil most of the humour so I will save the synopsis for a later review, but I can definitely recommend this show for anyone who is looking for a good laugh this season.

The anime is nothing deep, but if you like manga anime like bakuman, you might enjoy this anime as well. It has the right mix of comedy and it is appropriate for everyone. The romance is really not apparent in this anime, so I would not recommend it for those of you looking for a romance.

Recommended For:

People looking for a Parody of Shoujo’s
Slice of life addicts
Manga – anime lovers




This is probably one of the most underrated anime’s of this season. A lot of people did not like this series, and I can see why a lot of people didn’t like it, but what I don’t get is why they REALLY didn’t like it. To me, it’s just your average slice of life PA-works that really focuses on a lot of drama with a bit of a fantasy twist. To be fair, I don’t really like the fantasy twist, but it plays a small role, and it’s really just used to bring two people together. Other than that though, I find this series is quite enjoyable especially if you are a fan of PA-works. It really plays to the same style as PA-works other anime’s and it is really similar to them in that sense.

I would not recommend this anime to people who do not like a little bit of un-organized plot. It is a little messy and sometimes the direction is lost a bit, but despite all that, I would still recommend this anime if nothing else because it is by PA -works and they have amazing art.

Recommended For:

People who enjoy PA-works
Slice of life / Romance / Drama


Zankyou no Terror


Of all the anime this season, this is the one that I find to be one of the better written and most interesting anime’s this season. I don”t really want to give away too much of the plot, but essentially this anime is a mix of Deathnote but replace it with bombs. The show features a tonne of puzzles and mystery and really keeps you on edge for basically the whole episode. Each episode feels like a puzzle piece to solve the episode and it really is quite an interesting concept. Also, the intentions of the heroines are also part of the overall arching puzzle as well. All in all, it is a good anime to enjoy if you like watching a little tension mixed in with mystery.

Recommended For:

Deathnote fans
Mystery / Thriller / Psychological


Ald Noah Zero


Mecha mecha mecha, and a good one at that. This one is done decently well, my only qualms is that the main character is very emotionless, but if you can get over that, this series is a real treat. The setting for the war is almost identical to the story of gundam seed, at least, it will feel like that for the first episode. The show however really feels like the main character is some-what of a zero. He has the same kind of smartness to him that makes the episode interesting and innovative. The main character finds some sort of cool and innovative way to defeat the martians who have kataphrakts (gundams) of a stronger level. In any-sense, this is a pretty good mecha and it is a must see for those who really like to watch fighting robots.

On another note, for those of you who like to watch anime for the soundtrack. If you enjoyed the music from shingeki and KLK, you will definitely enjoy ALd Noah Zero’s soundtrack. The sound track is made by the same composer, SawanoHiroyuki. If you guys are a big fan of any of these anime’s you should definitely check out Ald Noah for the soundtrack if anything.

Recommended For:

Mecha anime lovers
People who loved the soundtracks from Shingeki no Kyojin, Kill la Kill (Sawano Hiroyuki)


There are a couple more honourable mentions I would like to point out such as Tokyo Ghoul and Akame Ga Kill. If you guys want to check those out be my guest, theyre pretty sweet as well! Well, that’s all I have for now, look out for me to start posting a little more frequently now.



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