Ao Haru Ride 07


Relationships are hard, this is the most common theme within all shoujo’s and romances. What makes a true friend verses a real friend? This is what we see with Futaba and Yuuri. In fact, it’s really the common theme between the whole anime so far. Futaba is a girl who really puts up a front of emotions and likes to hide her true feelings. I guess it’s really her personality, she wants to come out with what she really feels but she is scared to know what her friends think. On one hand if she comes out with the truth, she might lose her friendship, but on the otherhand if she hides her feelings she hurts her friendship even more. Let me say this, if she really was friends with Yuuri, she would come out with the truth. Is your friendship so weak that you lose a friend because of a single guy? It’s kind of the same thing as Sakurasou’s theme where the NEET says this “Is our friendship so weak that the only bond is us living in the same building?” It’s kind of the same idea. Kind of the same theme, but I hope that Futaba-chan realizes this soon. I really don’t want this to be a sad ending and I want the relationships to stick. PLEASE ANIME TEACH US THE GOOD THEMES

Whenever I watch Shoujo’s like this, I think wow, being a girl must be tough sometimes. The choices that girls have to make and what influences them really makes you think how hard it is to stay true to yourself. Well, if there is any piece of advice you can take away from this, is stay true to yourself. Be who you are and don’t let others out you down and say otherwise. Everyone has different tastes and different likes, that means you shouldn’t have to hide yourself because you’re different. At the same time, don’t judge others based on their tastes and likes as well!

For Futaba-chan and Yuuri-chan staying true to themselves is difficult to do, but I really hope they can solve this struggle and drama!

Happy Anime Watching Cyanimers



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