Glasslip 08



As I said earlier in the midsummer blues post, I believe Glasslip IS the most underrated anime of the season. There is no reason why it should be getting sub-7 on MAL and there is no reason why people who enjoyed PA-works should dislike this one. After recently completing PA-works first anime, True tears, I have come to see that this anime is also styled more like true tears rather than Nagi no Asukara. Nagi no Asukara had more of a plot and direction to fuel the need and desire to watch. This is really more like True tears in a sense because it is less about the plot and more about the drama. If you are just watching for a good original story-line I don’t think this one is going to appeal to your inner liking, however Glasslip has a really nice charm that other anime don’t. This time around the focus is more on the small symbolism that they brought in, the “future” aspect of the anime.

I don’t actually believe what they are seeing are future fragments. In the past two episodes they start calling them future fragments, but are they really future fragments? I mean sure, there was the one time where Touko saw Sachi in the hospital bed, but other than that, I haven’t really seen any of the other fragments come true. If that were the case, then I really hope Okikura really does fall to his demise >=). That being said, I feel that there is a lot of missed symbolism that I did not start looking for until after watching True Tears. I feel like “Running” has a lot of symbolism. Glass. Maybe a couple other things I missed as well, but the point being, is that these symbols that we are seeing within the anime, don’t resolve themselves until the final episode.

The Snow in this episode HAS to have some sort of symbolism. There is no way that they would call this episode “yuki”(雪)and not have something about snow. The latest fragment was pretty trippy, so I don’t really have much to say about it. What I do have to say is that I really enjoy this series and if you can get past basically that this doesn’t have a straight plot like Nagi, then you will enjoy this a lot more than the average viewer. Try watching it for the symbolism, the drama, and of course just because it is PA works

Feel free to bash my thoughts below!



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